Exhibition profile

Special transport for construction industry:

-         lifts

Self-propelled drilling units         crane-manipulators

-         lorries with a crane manipulator system

-         hook loaders

-         airborne loaders

-         dumpers

-         tow trucks

-         motor concrete mixers

-         crew buses

-         manufactories and laboratories 

-        multi-purpose and heavy class helicopters

-        excavating machines

-       industrial buldozers:

Special transport of the fuel and energy complex:

-         oil tankers

-         road tankers

-         railway tank-wagons

-         excavators

-         self-propelled drilling units

-         dumpers

-         tracked transport vehicles

-         mobile electrical laboratories

Special transport for resources industry:

-         large-capacity road trains

-         underground transport and conveying equipment

-         mine rail equipment

-         haul trucks 

-        agricultural aircrafts

Special transport for agricultural industry:

-         harvesting equipment

-         sowing machinery

-         equipment for agricultural work

-         equipment for animal husbandry

-         vehicles for transportation of agricultural products, refrigerators

Special transport for housing services and utilities:

-         road-building machines and mechanisms

-         municipal cleaning equipment

Special transport for emergency and rescue operations:

-         firefighting vehicle

-         rescue vehicles

-         transport for difficult terrain

-        business aviation

-         motorcycles and ATVs

-         engineering vehicles

-         robotics and pilotless equipment

-         special water equipment

-         special aviation equipment

-         firefighting trains

Special medical transport:

-         ambulance cars

-         reanimation cars

-         ambulance helicopters

-         mobile laboratories

-         medical taxi for people with limited mobility and bedridden patients

Special safety and security transport:

-         vehicles for transportation of dangerous goods

-         vehicles for transportation of valuable cargos

-         armoured cars

-         transport for difficult terrain

-         transport for the Far North 

Components and equipment for special transport:

-         power plants and drive devices

-         control systems of various actions, sensors of control systems

-         hinged equipment and mechanisms

-         electrical equipment: power transformers, electric engines, start-protective equipment

-         local and satellite communication and navigation means, GPS, GLONASS

-         primary fire extinguishing means

-         fuel and storage tanks

-         repair and service maintenance tools

Work uniform, equipment and individual protection means:

-         work clothes and shoes

-         hand protection means

-         respiratory, eyes and face protection means

-         head protection means

-         fall protection means

-         high-visibility vests and signs 


• pneumatic systems and components
• hydraulic systems and components
• controllers
• actuators - systems, units, components
• Automatic Process Control System (APCS) with pneumatic and hydraulic actuators
• measurements and laboratory techniques
• industrial robots and manipulators
• spare parts and equipment 

Special exposition “ELECTROTRANSPORT”

-         passenger transport: electromobiles, electrobuses, trams, trolleybuses

-        mobile electrical devices: electric cars, electric motorcycles, electric mopeds, electric bicycles, electric scooters, self-balancing scooters and segways

-         hybrid vehicles and engines

-         charging stations and engines for electric transport

-         engines, equipment and components for electric transport