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For several years already, the Government of the Russian Federation has been implementing measures of state support in order to preserve the research and development backgrounds of our country's industry, increase the professional competencies of domestic production complexes, promote the products of our enterprises to highly competitive international markets. This work is systemic and intersectoral. The efforts of the governmental, financial and sectoral development institutions are constantly coordinated and consolidated.

Being in constant dialogue with industrial enterprises, development and support measures are being worked out along with solving and implementing methods of the main task - the development of the real sector of the Russian economy.

I hope that each participant of the All-Russian Interdisciplinary Conference "Mechanical Engineering: Development Strategies" will join this dialogue, present own unique opinion on the industry development issue, demonstrate modern and competitive high-tech solutions of own production.

I would like to invite all participants of intersectoral interaction and cooperation to discuss and work together to develop a comprehensive structure of the strategy for the development of the engineering industry and production processes.


member of the Board of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation


The choice of the Republic of Tatarstan as a platform for an event of this level and its corresponding format highlights the powerful potential of the region in terms of international cooperation in mechanical engineering industry.

Undoubtedly, the economic development of Tatarstan is determined, first of all, by the successful work of enterprises of the Republic. Today, it is safe to say that Tatarstan enterprises produce a wide range of products of significant domestic and foreign consumer markets' demand. The promotion of these goods to traditional and new markets is inextricably connected with the development of mutually beneficial trade and economic relations with foreign countries and Russian regions and it serves as the main criterion for the effectiveness of economy growth of the Republic.

The event is held in order to support the sustainable development of advanced technologies in mechanical engineering field, increase the investment attractiveness of the industry and attract new players of the special transport market.

The exposition and business programs of the event will become the basic platform both for developing strategic decisions of state authorities and industry community, in general and for solving business problems of individual manufacturers and developers, in particular.


Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan

фото на сайт_Миннегалиев Р.Х..jpgThis show is one of the key landmark events of present time which is being held during a period of deep comprehension of the processes taking place in the world and understanding of further directions of the most significant sectors of the economy development.

The challenges posed by the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection demand implementation of active measures aimed at efficiency improving, introduction of digital technologies of enterprise production and communication processes management and strategic business partnerships strengthening.

The Republic of Tatarstan is the leading region for the introduction of innovative technologies in industrial spheres of economy. Mechanic engineering is one of the priority areas of the region development. Running of one of the largest events in the industry provides excellent opportunity for experience exchange and new trends examination at the state level.

Participation in International Special Transport Salon SpecTransExpo is a viable tool for the enterprise business processes development: new investments attracting, market competitiveness strengthening, accessibility of the entire line of enterprise samples to a potential customer.

I am confident that International Exhibition Center "Kazan Expo" possesses enough potential to achieve all necessary goals and objectives at a high quality level.


Assistant to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan,
General Director of «Kazan Expo"

274px-Mikhail_Arkadevich_Dmitriev.jpgThe choice of the venue for the event was not accidental, since large defense industry enterprises operate in Tatarstan and a high level of diversification here is also marked.

Following the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation of marking the year 2021 as the "Year of Science and Technology", it is expected that the issues of advanced developments of civilian products of defense industry enterprises along with the results of existing cooperative mechanisms and creation of new ones will be discussed during the event. Necessary measures of support at both state and regional levels backed by the preparation of corresponding appeals to the Government of the Russian Federation will be also figured out by the specialists.». 


Co-Chair of the Commission on the Military-Industrial Complex of RSPP,
member of the interdepartmental working group of the Board of the Military-Industrial Complex on diversification

Блудян Н.О.jpgTransport engineering of our country is currently standing at the frontline of domestic industry.

It is necessary to introduce advanced technologies, develop and produce high-tech, energy-efficient and competitive vehicles. The industry must be prepared for the challenges of the new time and satisfy the diversity of consumer requests.

The All-Russian Intersectoral Conference is a unique platform for meaningful dialogue between representatives of government bodies, manufacturers of equipment, operators, etc. The conference participation of leading experts of the country, heads of manufacturers, representatives of relevant departments, transport workers and professional associations will open the way to the achievement of optimal solutions for the most pressing problems of the development of Russian transport engineering...


Chairman of the Management Board, Director of the TAMA Association, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI)

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The profile of the Salon makes it possible to present the full range of product samples of special transport manufacturers on a single platform and to demonstrate innovative developments of equipment and components for solving specific tasks in construction industry, housing and utilities sector, agricultural industry, fuel and energy complex and mining industry, as well as emergency, rescue and medical services, law enforcement agencies and security structures.

Representatives of federal and regional entities responsible for the development of transport infrastructure, heads of corporations and transport manufacturers, top-management of transport companies, transport hubs and equipment suppliers for the transport industry are invited to participate in the All-Russian industry conference MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Development Strategies which will be held within the framework of the Forum.


General Director of Exhibition Companies Group "BIZON" -
general operator of CSTO advertising and exhibition activity